Hi! We are the Gibsons and as a family, we love nothing more than spending time outdoors. Since our daughter Matilda was born we’ve enjoyed cycling as a means of recreation and as a mode of transportation as we embark on family life living in the suburbs of Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

When many think of cycling they think of middle-aged, predominantly guys in lycra. We would love to break that generalisation. Although many enjoy cycling as a hobby we feel the most wonderful way to raise a family is via a bike.

Family Cycling was born to help other families navigate cycling in a car-dominated society. We aren’t ‘anti car’ nor are we ‘cycling or nothing’; more so we believe cycling should be an important part of family life.

We want to educate and inspire others that cycling isn’t scary, you don’t need expensive equipment and it’s perfectly fine to cycle in normal clothes. Our blog will cover the best places for traffic-free cycling, how to stay safe when cycling day to day and much more.

We will venture across the UK and beyond, finding places where you can cycle freely without worries.

Cycling is more than just riding a bike. We believe it’s the answer to happier, fulfilling lives. We visit normal places like normal families but choose to do this via bike. We hope you will join us on this journey.