English Heritage Locations Reviews

Although predominantly a cycling website we are proud members of the English Heritage and have been for over a year now. We are lucky to have two fantastic National Trust locations within 20 minutes of our house however we have recently delved into local English Heritage sites including Bolsover & Helmsley Castle. These are always fantastic places to entertain the kids and as a member, it’s a fuss-free day out. Best of all, most English Heritage locations are completely self-contained (especially the ones we choose to visit) meaning they are incredibly safe for the kids to roam.

Kenilworth Castle For Families

Kenilworth Castle English Heritage Review For Families

If there’s one thing our family cherishes, it’s our weekend escapades exploring the treasures of England’s rich history. This past weekend was no exception as we ventured to the enchanting Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire. Nestled in the heart of the Midlands, this historical site promised a day filled with adventure and learning. From the moment … Read more
Bolsover Castle For Families

Bolsover Castle English Heritage Review For Families

When planning a family day out, we’re always on the lookout for interesting and enjoyable destinations. Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire proved to be the perfect stopover for us. We had an amazing time exploring the grounds and castle. This castle, managed by English Heritage, offers a unique combination of history, beautiful surroundings, and plenty of … Read more

Why English Heritage properties are great for kids

The English Heritage membership is a fantastic idea for families, particularly those with children. This membership offers a unique opportunity to turn history lessons into exciting, real-life experiences. Children can explore ancient castles, majestic palaces, and historic sites, making history tangible and far more engaging than just reading about it in textbooks.

Moreover, many of these sites boast expansive outdoor spaces, providing a perfect setting for children to play and learn in a natural, open environment. We love visiting the sites and plan many of our trips around an English Heritage or National Trust site. This section includes some of our recent trips and our opinion of the experience.