Springhead Park Rothwell Review for Families

Springhead Park Rothwell

Springhead Park is a lovely public park located in the heart of Rothwell just below Rothwell Country Park. It’s a park that’s frequently used by all the community, offering lots of sports and recreational activities that families and individuals can enjoy. Our last visit was on a really cold day in December but we still enjoyed it! We have been before this on sunnier days too when there is an ice cream van at the bottom of the hill which we obviously had to run down to! I have included our most recent photos with a couple of oldies too.

The park seems to be a popular spot for all ages, young and old, and is full of recreational activities to do here – tennis courts, public gardens, aviary, skate ramps, café, mature trees, grassland, seasonal planting, and beckside walks. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this attractive public park.

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Temple Newsam, Leeds Review For Families

Temple Newsam For Families

We always think, wherever we go, we want the day to be memorable of course, and for us all to feel happy and free. Temple Newsam is a large park and garden with various activities to do in a beautiful location. We have visited a few times over the past few years, whether on our own, with family, or with friends, and it has always been a fun day out. It is not a cheap day if you want to visit the House or ‘Home Farm’ to see the animals but you can visit the space for free for a picnic or a run around. This is worth noting though because it can be difficult not to pay into places when your children can see what is available. There are local cards that you may have that entitle you to free or discounted entry so check this before booking.

There’s so much to see and do that even though we cover only a small portion of the estate each time we go, we always have a full day. Equally, it is somewhere you could decide to just visit for a couple of hours. Whether you’re interested in exploring the historic house, strolling through the breathtaking gardens, or enjoying the activities tailored for children, Temple Newsam promises a great experience for the whole family. 

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A Dads Fitness Journey 2024 24/2/2024 – 8/3/2024

Damflask Low Bradfield

I am still finding my groove with these updates and have realised weekly is probably excessive. Consistency is the key so it’s more of the same.  The tumble on my shoulder at football turned into real agony as the weekend went on. I battled through some low-impact body weight exercises however it was uncomfortable; so … Read more

A Dads Fitness Journey 2024 4/2/2024

Bike Fitness

I rolled into the 5th week of my focused fitness journey with a change to our usual schedule as a family. My wife a trained primary school teacher was taking part in her Bikeabilty training to become a qualified instructor. She’d signed up for this via Cycle North in September 2023 but this was the … Read more

How the Lack of Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Fuels Obesity in the UK

UK Obesity Crisis

In recent years, the United Kingdom has witnessed a troubling surge in obesity rates, both among adults and children. A significant contributor to this epidemic is the glaring deficiency in walking and cycling infrastructure across the country. The prevailing car-centric culture, coupled with inadequate active travel opportunities, has set the stage for an alarming rise … Read more

A Dads Fitness Journey 2024

I’ve been into fitness since 2012 when I wanted to get into shape for my wedding. Since then my journey has been a relatively consistent one with a few rocks in the road along the way. 2015 was my peak fitness year. My wife was pregnant with our now 8-year-old, I was getting my education … Read more

Endcliffe Park, Sheffield Review for Families

Endcliffe Park Sheffield

We visited Endcliffe Park this Saturday and it was one of our favourite new places. From where we live it was about 45 minutes, including a little drive through the centre of Sheffield. It is located to the southwest of the city and had a great vibe about it as soon as we arrived. There are lots of interesting things to do and see, including lots of wildlife, a play park, beautiful trees, and lots of water to throw sticks into – there are two great small bridges to play Pooh Sticks! It was full of people doing a variety of everyday exercise and having fun.

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Calder Holmes Park, Hebden Bridge Review for Families

Calder Holmes Park For Families

Hebden Bridge, with its eclectic charm and vibrant community spirit, has always been a draw for those who relish its mix of the arts, history, and natural beauty. Tucked within this extraordinary town is Calder Holmes Park, a family-friendly oasis that deserves its own spotlight.

Our family’s first outing to Calder Holmes Park happened on one of those rare, unplanned Saturdays when the weather was too inviting to stay indoors. A perfect sunny day called us to explore, so we packed up our essentials—snacks, water bottles, and the kids’ boundless energy—and set out for what we hoped would be a decent day out.

With its lush greenery and plethora of activities, it was the perfect backdrop for an amazing day with Matilda and Barney. It’s true; this place is wedged between a canal and a river, making for a pretty special setting. And it’s not just for the little ones, teenagers and adults find their spot too, either on that large circular swing or strumming guitars in the sun. It’s a community vibe that’s second to none.

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Kenilworth Castle English Heritage Review For Families

Kenilworth Castle For Families

If there’s one thing our family cherishes, it’s our weekend escapades exploring the treasures of England’s rich history. This past weekend was no exception as we ventured to the enchanting Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire. Nestled in the heart of the Midlands, this historical site promised a day filled with adventure and learning.

From the moment we parked our car (conveniently close to the entrance, I might add), and started walking towards the entrance, we all knew this was going to be a good day. The castle has this way of making you feel tiny, but in the best way—like you’re part of a much bigger story. And with the sun shining and a few clouds playing tag in the sky, you can bet we were ready to dive right in!

Whether you’re passionate about history, eager for some outdoor exercise, or simply looking for a day out where imaginations can run wild, Kenilworth Castle stands majestically as an emblem of bygone eras beckoning modern families to explore its rich tapestry. It was set to be a day etched in memory, a perfect blend of learning and laughter.

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