Wentworth Castle Gardens National Trust Review

This National Trust is a go-to favourite of ours. It is situated in Barnsley off junction 37 of the M1 using postcode S75 3EN on maps.

Offering 60 acres of differing beautiful gardens, the park and woodlands surround a grand stately home that is now used for various other uses, including training. It is South Yorkshire’s only Grade 1 registered landscape which is pretty special I would say!

It is quite a pleasant drive up to the entrance passing a nice (it looks nice but we have never been in) pub on the right-hand side. As you go further up the hill you pass many sheep which is lovely.

Whenever we have visited, and we have been many times over the past couple of years, it has never felt too busy. That is what we always feel as we park up. There are always plenty of spaces and it does not feel crowded in any way which I know is important to a lot of people. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere and there is so much to explore

Where does the walk take me?

Once you have paid or shown your pass you walk up a slight incline and come to the play park. We think it is a really great park for all ages. It has a zip line, a castle play structure, swings, and many activities for little ones. There is only one entrance, so once you are in the children cannot really get out unless they went right back to the top by which time you would have seen them! It has some benches too which is nice for if people need or want to sit (I have only experienced this once when Barney was a few months old, and never since ha!)

After the park is the stunning building (I would love this as my home), that houses the cafe. Personally, we feel that the prices at National Trusts for food and drink are pretty extortionate but occasionally as a treat, we buy an ice cream or sausage roll. I know that this is something that can incentivise children sometimes if they become tired after walking and running around, to get to the end! Having said this, we always take lots of snacks and there is no need at all to spend money in the cafe if you do not wish to. Ryan always takes a coffee from home and I think once you are in this routine, it is difficult to accept paying for coffee out.

There are so many walks you can do for all abilities. Walking up to the castle (it is a gradual incline) is quite a popular choice as it is just long enough without hours for children’s legs. We have brought Matilda up to be able to walk good distances but this would be suitable for most young children I would say. It takes us a bit longer now as if Barney wants to walk, he and Matilda have to stop and pick up every leaf and stick on our way! The castle remains are really interesting to explore and you can walk up many steps to the top if you wish. People often picnic there, and in the school holidays, they offer many activities, such as archery in the space too.

If you want a longer walk you can walk out of a gate just opposite the play park towards the deers (so lovely to see) in Stainborough Park and discover the monuments. This covers 500 acres so there is plenty to see. For a 1.3km walk follow the pink trail. This is not pushchair or mobility scooter friendly. The rest of the National Trust varies in ground surface so some areas are suitable and others not so but you could work this out for your comfort once there.

What level is it suitable for?

I would say it is suitable for all but depending on your ability would dictate how far you would walk round the whole park. It is not a flat walk like some country parks are, so the elderly or people with walking aids may find it a challenge in places.

How much of it is traffic free?

All of it once inside the site.

Would you recommend it?

Yes! We absolutely love it there. We have met family and lots of different friends there as it is great for all ages!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cafe?:

Yes, just past the play park on the right.

What is your favourite part?:

The play park and the castle ruins. Oh, and the beautiful tree-lined path that leads down from the castle back to the cafe and play park.

Is it suitable for Dog walkers?

Yes, if they are on a lead.

How much is it to park?

Free, and without a pass admission is:

Ticket typeGift aidStandard
Family 1 adult £7.50

Pros & Cons


  • Great play park
  • Lovely views and varying walks


  • Expensive cafe

National Trust enjoyment rating

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