Beaumont Park For Families Review

As a family with two small children, we always look for new outdoorsy things to do on the weekend. The excitement when you discover a new place to visit within a radius of your home is something we love.

We have a list of safe cycle routes which will form the primary part of the website however we also visit a large number of parks which continue the outdoor theme throughout the website. Although not explicitly cycling these cater to those looking for inexpensive (or free) outdoor fun for children of all ages. Beaumont Park was definitely one of these.

Located in the Beaumont Park area of Huddersfield a couple of miles outside the town centre, the park was Huddersfield’s first public park and officially opened in October 1883.

Having studied the history of the Park it has been down to the local residents (The Friends of Beaumont Park group) who have managed to revive the park in collaboration with Kirklees Council. The history of the park and how it fell into disrepair is documented on the about page here. It’s worth a read as the park couldn’t be more different today.

Where is the park?

The Park is located a couple of miles outside of Huddersfield Town Centre in the Beaumont Park area of the city. There’s no specific car park however we visited on a Saturday and had no trouble parking directly next to the children’s play area. This was on Butternab Road for those who want direct access to the play park.

From here it’s instant access to the park through a number of openings. You can actually see the Play Park from the roadside (and what a play park it is) so the children were excited to dive straight in.

What is there to do?

If you have children then the main attraction to Beaumont Park is the play area. It’s probably one of the best we’ve ever been to for a free park. There are a number of different activity areas and it caters for children of all ages.

There are swings, slides, larger play areas, smaller play areas, and open grass space to name just a few parts of this beautiful park. It really does have it all.

We managed a small woodland walk after experiencing the play area and the Children loved exploring the upper parts of the park. We managed to locate the Bandstand which holds events throughout the year as well as the beautiful bond, fountain and cascade.

Having since explored the website further it looks as though we need to make more visits to the park as we didn’t make it as far as the Lodge, The Visitor Centre, the Tree canopy walk and the former Castle.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the facilities and a map of the Park I highly recommend you visit the Friends Of Beaumont Park facilities page.

The Park is packed full of fantastic things to do including nature trails, open green spaces, events and general fun.

What age group is it suitable for?

All ages. The park is brilliant for all age groups. We saw older children playing football, enjoying the play park and just going on walks with their friends and family. The park has a wholesome atmosphere and is available and enjoyed by people of all ages.

Would you recommend it?

Absolutely. In terms of how well the park is kept, how much there is to do and the quality of the play park for children I would say it’s a must-visit place. It has one of the best play parks we’ve ever visited; especially when you take into account that it’s completely free of charge to use.

We were actually shocked at how nice the park was and was surprised this was available without charge.

Beaumont Park Play Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cafe?:

The Visitor Centre has a small cafe which opens on Sunday. It’s volunteer-run so the opening hours are restricted to 11 am-3:30 pm on a Sunday. There was however an ice cream van in attendance close to the play park which also served some snacks and drinks (both hot and cold).

What is your favourite part?:

I would say how beautiful it is. The park has a little bit of everything so as such appeals to a wide range of people. Of course, the play park was an absolute hit with our children however they also loved discovering the woodland walks.

Is it suitable for Dog walkers?

Absolutely. When visiting we saw plenty of dog walkers and it seems a great spot for those with dogs. There are a variety of trails and routes which makes the experience different each time.

How much is it to park?

As mentioned above there was street parking on Butternab Road which gave direct access to the play park. This was completely free of charge to use. We visited on a Saturday and there was plenty of spaces for parking in and around the park area without interrupting the local residents.

Pros & Cons


  • Free roadside Parking
  • Outstanding play park.
  • The entire park is beautifully maintained.
  • Varied activities for children of all ages.


  • The cafe is only open on select days.

Park enjoyment rating

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