Endcliffe Park, Sheffield Review for Families

We visited Endcliffe Park this Saturday and it was one of our favourite new places. From where we live it was about 45 minutes, including a little drive through the centre of Sheffield. It is located to the southwest of the city and had a great vibe about it as soon as we arrived. There are lots of interesting things to do and see, including lots of wildlife, a play park, beautiful trees, and lots of water to throw sticks into – there are two great small bridges to play Pooh Sticks! It was full of people doing a variety of everyday exercise and having fun.

Where is Endcliffe Park located?

Opened to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria, Endcliffe Park is located two miles southwest of Sheffield city centre. It is a bustling place with several entrances via foot and one for cars. There are 15 hectares to explore so it is definitely somewhere you can be for several hours! 

Comprising parkland and woodland, it is the first in a series of parks and green spaces, known collectively as Porter Valley Parks, all of which lie along the course of the Porter Brook.

History of Endcliffe Park

As said above it was opened to commemorate Queen Victoria, and there are three monuments dedicated to her around the park – a statue of Queen Victoria, an obelisk, and a pile of rocks to form a dolmen.

What is there to do for families?

As soon as we arrived on a bright Saturday Winter morning, we felt a buzz about the place. There were people everywhere doing their own thing, whether solo or with other people. A Park Run had just finished so people were either heading home or off for a walk or to the cafe. We headed towards the water to the left of where we had parked (at the Rustlings Road entrance). To Matilda and Barney’s delight, we found some the stepping stones leading across the water into the wooded area.

We explored this place for quite some time and just let them run up and down, pick up sticks, and throw them into the water. They are so happy when in this environment, and Ryan and I are too. It feels so freeing to be somewhere that is busy, (not too busy though), but that you are in your little family unit just going with the flow. This place lent itself to that very well.

We ended up all climbing up quite high into the trees, and sitting down on the roots of a beautiful large tree for our picnic. This inspired us to now include in our articles where we eat our lunch – purely as we felt this was quite special – so I said let’s try to find some cool places to picnic in future! We could see a lot of the city from where we were eating, and it felt very cosy in an outdoorsy sort of way.

The Playground

There was lots of equipment for all age groups. We ventured on the swings, of which there were a few different types which I always think is nice, the several slides, and the climbing frames. B & M also enjoyed climbing the rocks in the park. The roundabout was stuck so did not turn which was a great disappointment to Barney, however was soon forgotten when he found something else to go on. This may be due to a safety issue but we are not sure. Again, the play park had a lovely feel to it, with many families enjoying their days out, whether local or from further afield. I spoke to a few people, as I always like to find out if people have come far.

Some parks people probably wouldn’t travel for but I think this is one that you definitely would. The park had metal gates that swung open to enter and leave so it also felt safe. Some parks we visit do not have gates our local park does not, and I always feel it just gives the adults a little reassurance, and a minute to run to the exit if their child runs in that direction.

Especially if near a road (which Endcliffe’s Park is not and does have a date but is just an interesting discussion point). The ones that Endcliffe do have are preferable to us as everyone can access them.

Other activities & facilities

There is a large green field and many paths which can all be used for any sort of sporting exercise for a family really – ball games, running, cycling etc. We loved that we saw so many different ages on bikes, and we saw a variety of bike styles too. We love the Tern bike and one parked outside the play park. This is such a versatile bike as you can carry all sorts on there, whilst still seating two children (or small adults!) on the back. 

We strolled along beside the water and then walked down to the edge – it is not deep – more like a stream at this part – and all enjoyed throwing pebbles in.

We could have stayed a lot longer so next time we will probably venture across the stepping stones again but turn left and see where that takes us. You can go beyond Endcliffe Park – if you follow the network of footpaths and cycleways, you’ll encounter the fascinating Shepherd Wheel Workshop, managed by Sheffield Museums Trust, and the scenic weir at Forge Dam, also home to another excellent park café. We will review these places when we visit also.

Pullins Amusements

This is also based here, offering fairground fun at weekends, and during school holidays – this is not our thing really but it was not open when we went and it only looked small so I guess we can excuse it. I am unsure when exactly it would be open as this was a weekend but I am assuming more into the Spring and Summer months.

The cafe

There is plenty of seating outside and a few tables inside. We did not need to sit down as we got ice creams, (yes, M & M love ice cream no matter the season) and carried on walking. The queue time was fine considering how busy it was, and the lady who served us (I should have noted her name, my bad), was super friendly and lovely to M & B. They offered hot food, which sounded tasty, cold food, cakes, ice creams, and all types of drinks. One other thing I missed but will check when we visit again, probably in the Spring, was where the toilets are located. 


And let’s not forget the simple pleasure of sprawling out on a grassy patch for a picnic. As we laid down our blanket and opened our hamper of homemade goodies, the park’s natural charm shined through. The kids ran off soon after, tossing a frisbee back and forth, while we lounged in contented observation. Grass stains, giggles, and all—that’s family time we treasure.

Areas For Improvement

I guess to fix the roundabout or replace it with something that works/moves. I will update this when we have visited again as I didn’t spot anything else this time.

Would you recommend it?

Yes! I can honestly say that we had such a fantastic day out here. Sometimes everything just works out and it did the day we visited. M & B enjoyed it, with the play park, the exploring, the water, the amazing trees – it was a great family day out for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have compiled some commonly asked questions about Endecliffe Park to help you plan your visit.

Is there a café?

Yes – a lovely little building to the left of the play park serving a variety of things, I imagine, to suit all.

What is your favourite part?

Climbing the woodland area and enjoying our picnic within the trees.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes – keep them on a lead, as should be the case everywhere for obvious reasons.

Can we bring our bikes?

Yes – we saw so many which made us so happy!

Is there parking available?

Yes, on-street parking all around the edge or on Rustlings Road.

Is there any entrance fee for visiting the park?

No, there’s no charge to enter the park, making it as accessible as it is enjoyable.

Pros & Cons


  • Great walking routes
  • Nice cycle paths
  • Hip Cafe
  • Enjoyable playground.
  • Family vibe.


  • Struggled to locate the toilets.
  • Play equipment was broken in places

Park enjoyment rating

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