Haw Park Wood cycling for families

Haw Park Wood is situated 4 miles southeast of Wakefield. It’s located next to Anglers country park but can be accessed from both the Anglers country park side or alternatively via Waterton Park hotel. From the hotel, you can access the Trans Pennine trail Barnsley canal route which takes you to Haw Park Wood if you follow signs for Anglers country park.

Haw Park Wood is designated as a local nature reserve and is home to a variety of wildlife including Roe Deer, Crossbill and Great-Crested Newt and important plant species such as the Wild Service Tree.

Although small it’s a fantastic protected place for young children to practice cycling or as a family route if you venture from either the Walton or Anglers country park entrances.
You can actually combine both Haw Park Wood & Anglers Country Park if you utilise the car parking facilities as Anglers. 

Where does the ride take me?

Anglers Country park has a large pay and display car park which can be accessed off Haw Park Lane. Given its council run, parking is free of charge for the first two hours (which for most may even be enough time) and then just £2 if you fancy staying up to four hours.

If you are travelling by Car and have your Bikes on the back of the car then Haw Park Wood is a short distance from the car park (it’s signposted).

Alternatively, if you are coming from the Walton side you can join the Barnsley canal path from the Waterton Park hotel and golf club entrance. We like this as a route as it enables you to cycle all through the woods and use Anglers country park as the destination. At Anglers, you can then enjoy the cafe and children’s play area before making your way back through Haw Park Woods.
There are a number of routes through Haw Park Woods. One at approximately 2 miles, another at 1 mile and a half a mile route. My best advice would be to just make your way around and enjoy the scenery.

The paths are wide, the nature is abundant and it’s a brilliant place to teach kids how to ride too.

What level of rider is it suitable for?

Haw Park Wood is very much for beginners. The route is largely flat, the surface is safe for children of all ages. It’s a good place for those who are beginning their journey as independent riders.

How much of it is traffic-free?

Haw Park Wood is completely traffic-free once you have entered the wood. Depending upon the location you start your journey at you may have a slight bit of traffic. If leaving the car park at Anglers there are obviously cars entering all the time so it pays to be mindful of this.

If joining the Wood from Walton then the hotel and golf club have regular visitors. Please be mindful of this again when joining the route.

Haw Park Wood Trail
Haw Park Wood Traffic-Free Cycling paths

Would you recommend it?

Absolutely! If you have young children or are new to cycling then this is a perfect place to visit. It’s safe, the paths are wide and its biggest route is just 2 miles which should be possible for beginner levels.

The cycle paths are also completely traffic-free which as a parent is reassuring as it enables you to enjoy your own ride instead of worrying about the safety of your children.
If you park in Anglers Country park car park then you have access to a great cafe, toilet facilities, picnic benches and a play park. Best of all with two hours of free parking it’s a fun-filled activity which can cost you nothing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cafe?:

Haw Park Wood doesn’t have a cafe but if you park in Anglers Country Park you can use all the facilities at Anglers and combine your visits. The cafe at Anglers serves hot and cold meals, drinks and plenty of snacks. It has lovely bi-fold doors which open up onto the play park area. It’s a really nice cafe with plenty of choices.

Are there any hills?:

There are a few slight inclines but nothing major within Haw Park Wood.  It’s a perfect place for all ride levels.  Our daughter Matilda is able to cycle from our home in Sandal to Walton, right onto Anglers meaning it’s possible for a 6-year-old. Younger cyclists will be fine with Haw Park Wood in isolation.

What is your favourite part?:

There’s so much to see within the wood. I’ve never stopped a Deer personally but have spotted many Squirrels & birds. It’s a relaxing place to visit. 

Is it suitable for Dog walkers?

Haw Park Wood is perfect for Dog Walkers. There are plenty of places for the dogs to explore and there’s a clear route from Anglers, through Haw Park Woods and back.

How much is it to park?

The parking at Anglers country park is completely free for the first two hours. Following this, the charge is £2 for a total of four hours making Anglers a real bargain. It makes complete sense to park at Anglers and enjoy the adjoining Haw Park Wood.

Alternatively, you can park in the village of Walton and take the route from Waterton Park Hotel along the Barnsley canal path. Parking in the village is free of charge.

Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful scenery
  • Completely traffic free.
  • Suitable for children who are competent riders.


  • Play Park at Anglers country park is a little tired.

Cycle enjoyment rating

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