Peel Park, Bradford Review for Families

Bradford, a city steeped in history and nestled in the heart of West Yorkshire, England, boasts a treasure trove of family-friendly attractions that pay homage to its vibrant heritage. Among these cherished gems is Peel Park. Just like many other parks in the area, Peel Park offers a wonderful chance to enjoy nature, have fun, and learn about local history.

Last summer, we had the opportunity to discover this green oasis. As a family who values the simple pleasure of exploring and connecting with nature, our visit to the park was a delightful experience.

With its Victorian charm, elegant water fountains and meticulously crafted architecture – including an ornamental bridge and the viewing platform –  Peel Park holds a special place in the hearts of people seeking both leisure and a touch of history.

Where is Peel Park Located?

This 22.6-hectare urban public park sits gracefully in the Bolton and Undercliffe area of Bradford, England. It is located about 0.75 miles north-east of the city centre making it easily accessible to locals and visitors alike. The park has several entrances that include Cliffe Road, Bolton Road, Park Cliffe Road, Harrogate Street and Lister Lane.

But if you want to rely on Sat Nav to reach there, punch in the address Cliffe Rd, Bradford BD3 0LT, UK and pull up right at the park’s entrance.

The Fascinating History of Peel Park

As You step into the Peel Park’s premises, you’ll feel a subtle blend of history and modernity. It’s because the park credits its establishment to the memory of Sir Robert Peel, a British Conservative Statesman who served twice as the prime minister of the United Kingdom (1834–1835 and 1841–1846). This park proudly claims the title of first publicly owned park in the Bradford District. 

There are several Victorian structures that link the park’s modern outlook to its rich historical past. These include the three prominent grade II listed statues lining the central path in the park, the Ornamental Bridge, the Band of Hope Union Fountain, the Beaumount Memorial Fountain and other drinking fountains.

Continuously adapting to a changing world, Peel Park is a space where lasting historical features weave beautifully into modern facilities to provide a healthy and peaceful weekend getaway.

Exploring the Park: What is There to Do?

Peel Park has something to offer to anyone who wishes to feel the tinge of countryside in the midst of urban Bradford. From picnic places, lawns to run, sports facilities, bike-friendly paths and a beautiful pond, this hidden gem is a perfect place for families to enjoy informal recreation and quiet contemplation. 

Let’s dive into the various highlights that await you at Peel Park.

The Amazing Kids’ Play Area

Peel Park’s attraction extends beyond its extensive serene landscape. It has two dedicated children’s play areas. The one to the east of the lake features equipment designed to suit the adventures of relatively older children. While another to the southern end of the park’s entrance is more suitable for younger adventurers. 

As we proceeded toward the latter, we could immediately see the excitement on Barney and Matilda’s faces. They ran towards the area that had a group swing, a climbing dome, double zip wire and a large disc and dish roundabout. We spent a good hour there playing with them, pushing them on the swings and letting them burn energy exploring the play equipment.

There are also benches placed around the area for parents to sit and watch over their kids while they play and cherish their own pockets of happiness.

Bike-Friendly Paths: Thrills Await

Peel Park, Bradford is a perfect place both for first-time riders and pro cyclists. With its wide paved paths, easy-to-ride trails and spacious open fields you can let your little adventurers hone their cycling skills safely and merrily. 

What’s more is that there is also a premier league BMX track for riders of all levels. So, whether you’re a pro or trying to find your foot in cycling, you can scoot, skate or bike on the track in a safe and off-road environment and boost your skills and confidence.

As is our family tradition, we also took our bikes along whenever we visited the park. We’d sit Barney in the back seat of Beth’s bike, give Matilda her own bike and enjoy the beautiful scenery while pedalling in the winding paths of the park. It’s always an enriching experience to see your kids do what they enjoy the most. 

The Terrace, Statues, and the Viewing Platform

A defining feature of Peel Park is the iconic Terrace, a linear path adorned with three prominent grade II listed statues. Among them stands a cast lead structure of Sir Robert Peel, which has become a point of attraction in the park. Whereas, to either side of this statue are life-sized statues of Roman matrons representing ‘Autumn’ and ‘Spring’, given to the park in 1869 and 1877.

The Terrace leads to a breathtaking platform, offering panoramic views of Bradford and the Aire Valley, a perfect spot for families to capture cherished memories.

Green Spaces for Picnics, Animal Face Totems

As we stepped into the park, we were welcomed by expansive green spaces. There is ample room for leisurely strolls, invigorating jogs or serene picnics. The beautiful green space has an array of timber playground equipment installed which definitely enhanced the overall experience of our kids.

We spotted families sitting on benches around a shimmering lake to the west of the play area having their homemade sandwiches. Tall trees lining the wide paths, the resident swans and lush greenery provide the perfect setting for a nice peaceful picnic. Once inside the park, you can find the Animal Face Totems on the trails. There are 12 spread all around the park. These Totems feature finger mazes that invite people, especially kids to engage with nature by tracing woodland animals, leaves, and even intricate patterns that bees create. I remember how Barney and Matilda would get excited every time they spotted and solved one of those mazes. Peel Park takes care of every tiny detail that can make every trip unique and fun-filled.

Facilities for Families

Peel Park, Bradford doesn’t just cater to the recreational needs of its visitors but also ensures a hassle-free experience with its convenient facilities. The facilities that made our visit even more enjoyable were:

Café and Ice Cream Stand:

Peel Park is not just a physical space, it’s a hub of community engagement. Peelers Cafe, a community-led initiative resides at the heart of the park, providing a warm and inviting place for families to gather. 

The cafe offers affordable food, refreshing beverages and a range of activities from reading books to playing games. Besides, like every other park, Peel Park also has an ice cream van waiting to invite your kids after a long day of exertion. Barney and Matilda always end their trip with a treat of this kind.

Toilets and changing rooms:

Families with young children understand the importance of accessible and clean toilet facilities. Peel Park efficiently answers this need with well-maintained toilets and changing rooms.

Easy Access to Free Car Park:

The availability of a free car park removes any logistical concerns allowing you to fully immerse yourself in Peel Park’s offerings without any hindrance. Authorised vehicles can use a free-to-use car park accessible from the southern entrance gate.

Would you recommend it?

Absolutely, Peel Park is a great place for families! Whether you want to walk your dogs, spend quality times of companionship with your partner or get opportunities to let out some steam, whatever your reason for visiting the park, Peel Park is a perfect place to visit any day any time of the year.  

The Park’s thoughtfully designed features, modern conveniences, and dedication to family comfort make it a must-visit destination for families seeking a memorable day out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a café?

Yep! Peel Park has a delightful on-site café that offers warm, inviting space with low-cost food and refreshments, free books, games and other activities. 

It’s the perfect spot to take a break, refuel, and enjoy a leisurely lunch during your visit.

What is your favourite part?

It’s difficult to choose just one favourite aspect of Peel Park. But if we had to choose, it’d be the thoughtfully located and designed play areas that truly stood out for us. It’s a haven of little adventures for your little ones with lots of different play equipment. Besides, it’s safe and well-maintained too.

Is it suitable for dog walkers?

Absolutely! Peel Park is a fantastic spot for dog walkers. While enjoying the Park with your furry friends, please make sure that they are on leads, and remember to clean up after them to maintain the Park’s cleanliness and harmony for all visitors.

How much is it?

Well, the best part about Peel Park is it’s completely free to enter. You can enjoy a full day of fun without worrying about entrance fees or car parking. The only expense you may have is if you choose to purchase refreshments or goodies from the café or shop.

Is the Park wheelchair friendly?

Absolutely! Peel Park features pathways and carriageways that offer wheelchair access to most areas, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the park’s beauty.

Pros & Cons


  • Expansive park.
  • Two play areas
  • Plenty of biking options.
  • Brilliant cafe


  • General upkeep could be slightly better.

Park enjoyment rating

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