Wentworth Woodhouse For Families Review

Wentworth Woodhouse is a magnificent historic mansion located in the village of Wentworth, South Yorkshire, England. The house, which is the largest privately owned residence in the United Kingdom, was built in the 18th century and has a rich history. It was once the seat of the Earls Fitzwilliam, a powerful and influential family in the region. Today, Wentworth Woodhouse is open to the public, and it is a great place to visit for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, Wentworth Woodhouse is a stunning architectural masterpiece. The house was designed in the Palladian style, which is characterised by symmetry, balance, and proportion. The mansion is set on a sprawling estate that includes over 60 acres of gardens and parkland, making it a beautiful and serene place to visit. The house itself is over 500 feet long, making it one of the longest country houses in Europe. It has over 300 rooms, including a grand entrance hall, a library, a dining room, and a ballroom. The house is adorned with ornate plasterwork, marble fireplaces, and intricate wood carvings, making it a true feast for the eyes.

In addition to its architectural beauty, Wentworth Woodhouse also has a rich history that adds to its appeal. The house was built in the 1730s for Thomas Watson-Wentworth, the 1st Marquess of Rockingham. The house passed through several generations of the Watson-Wentworth family, who were prominent figures in the region. In the 19th century, the house was inherited by the 5th Earl Fitzwilliam, who made significant renovations to the house and grounds. The house was used as a military hospital during both World War I and World War II, and it was later sold to the National Coal Board. In the 1990s, the house was sold to a private company, which has since restored it to its former glory.

We visited Wentworth Woodhouse over the Christmas/New Year period on a beautiful crisp day. There is plenty to explore and do for children of all ages and we really enjoyed our time within the house.

Where is Wentworth Woodhouse located?

Wentworth Woodhouse is a Grade I listed country house in the village of Wentworth, in the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, England.

Wentworth Woodhouse is approached via a sweeping entranceway and has a large car park so it’s easy for all sorts of vehicles. We saw cars, motorbikes and motorhomes.

If coming via car use the following postcode for your sat nav. Sat Nav: use S62 7TQ

What is there to do?

Wentworth House has over 60 acres of gardens, a wonderful house and a very good cafe to enjoy. There’s certainly enough to do to keep you busy for a couple of hours. I believe Wentworth Woodhouse could benefit from incorporating more activities for children to enjoy (perhaps a playpark) as this would enable them to attract those who live locally too.

Although your children loved exploring the gardens we felt as though a small playpark or woodland activities would have been a nice addition.

Guided tours:

One of the best things about visiting Wentworth Woodhouse is the opportunity to take a guided tour of the house. The tours are led by knowledgeable and friendly guides who are passionate about the history of the house. The tours take visitors through some of the most interesting and beautiful parts of the house, including the grand entrance hall, the library, the dining room, and the ballroom. The tours also provide a fascinating look into the lives of the Watson-Wentworth family and the role that the house played in the region’s history.

At the time of visiting, there were issues with staffing (Wentworth Woodhouse relies on voluntary staff) so there were limited tours. We largely roamed the house alone and although we enjoyed it there was a lack of furniture in the rooms and not all the rooms were open.

We actually walked through some of the closed-off rooms as we were unaware of which were open and there are some beautiful rooms not in use. Our children seem to love exploring old houses but the lack of furniture is a slight downside of the overall feel of Wentworth Woodhouse. I appreciate this will be addressed 🙂


The grounds of the house are also open to the public, and they are a great place to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the beautiful gardens and parkland.

Once paid in we were able to explore all aspects of the grounds. The kids loved finding some of the ancient monuments as well as taking in the beautiful views from the far wall. We are looking forward to visiting again in the Spring/Summer months when the garden is in full bloom.


The house has a café that serves light refreshments and meals, and there is a gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs and gifts.

We actually had a meal in the cafe and found the food was reasonably priced and high quality. We had a five bean chilli and a stew as well as kids’ food. Both meals were really nice and I would highly recommend the cafe.

Would you recommend it?

Overall, Wentworth Woodhouse is a truly remarkable place to visit. Its stunning architecture and rich history make it a must-see for anyone interested in history or architecture. The guided tours are informative and enjoyable, and there are plenty of other activities and events to enjoy. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to Wentworth Woodhouse is an experience that you will enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cafe?:

Yes. The cafe is within the main house area. It’s typically well stocked and has a lot of seating area. There were also outdoor food/drink trucks however these were not open in the winter months.

What is your favourite part?:

Walking around the grounds. With over 60 acres to explore the kids really loved this part of Wentworth Woodhouse.

Is it suitable for Dog walkers?

Yes. Dogs are allowed (even in the cafe area) and are welcome throughout Wentworth Woodhouse.

How much is it?

Parking at Wentworth Woodhouse is completely free of charge. To visit both the house and gardens it’s approximately £12 a ticket but they frequently have offers. We received a half-price offer meaning we only paid admission for one person.

Children up to the age of 16 are free which I believe is incredibly generous.

I would say £24 for two adult tickets is a little on the expensive side; however, the money goes to the renovation of the house, which is a huge undertaking. For more information on pricing, you can visit the official website.

Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful house and gardens
  • Lovely views and varying walks
  • Nice cafe


  • House is a little sparse (I believe they are working on this)
  • No playpark (could be good to encourage families)
  • Expensive without discount

Wentworth House family enjoyment rating

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