A Dads Fitness Journey 2024 24/2/2024 – 8/3/2024

I am still finding my groove with these updates and have realised weekly is probably excessive. Consistency is the key so it’s more of the same. 

The tumble on my shoulder at football turned into real agony as the weekend went on. I battled through some low-impact body weight exercises however it was uncomfortable; so much so that I skipped football again last week. I was still able to maintain consistency on the bike with nearly 85km clocked. 

This week my shoulder injury eased and was gradually getting better. At the time of writing, it’s at about 90% although it still niggles when I move in a specific position. I managed football again this week and probably had my best session so far. High energy throughout the match and was able to bike today without the usual soreness.

We also managed a couple of tennis sessions this week. We tend to just have a knock around and it’s incredibly low intensity so I don’t clock any of the numbers for this!

Here are the numbers:

Saturday17/2/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)25 mins8 sets
Saturday17/2/2024Spin Bike45 mins15.35km
Sunday18/2/2024Spin Bike56 mins19km
Monday19/2/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)30 mins10 sets
Monday19/2/2024Walk around Newmillerdam75 mins
Tuesday20/2/2024Spin Bike61mins21.06km
Wednesday21/2/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)30 mins10 sets
Wednesday21/2/2024Spin Bike40mins13.5km
Thursday22/2/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)30 mins10 sets
Friday23/2/2024Spin Bike45mins16km
Saturday2/3/2024Spin Bike70mins23.65km
Sunday3/3/2024Spin Bike40 mins14.5km
Monday4/3/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)25 mins8 sets
Monday4/3/2024Tennis50 mins
Tuesday5/3/2024Resistance Bands35 mins12 sets
Tuesday5/3/2024Spin Bike31 mins11km
Wednesday6/3/2024Spin Bike60 mins20km
Wednesday6/3/2024Tennis35 mins
Thursday7/3/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)30 mins10 sets
Thursday7/3/2024Football60 mins
Friday8/3/2024Spin Bike45 mins15.30km

A couple of observations this week:

  • I’m over the moon with my recovery from football this week. The conditions are improving and I think my cardiovascular fitness/vo2 max is improving too. Recovery was quick this week (unless it hits me this evening).
  • Lack of sleep is still a bit of a killer. Both kids have had nasty coughs and our little boy has been awake more than usual in the night. My nightly sleep has been hampered.
  • As mentioned above tennis is just a knock around between Beth and I. We don’t play matches and just do it as an activity together. We love it and it’s an extra on top of our current fitness schedule.
  • As per the international best seller Atomic Habits, I believe the fitness schedule has become a ‘habit’ now and is something I do without thinking. A couple of times this week I was tired but the desire to train is stronger. I feel unbalanced without it which is a good sign!

Any questions please shout!

Catch you in a couple of weeks!

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