A Dads Fitness Journey 2024 10/2/2024 – 23/2/2024

Half term rolled around and this was a switch in the schedule for me. I usually take every single school holiday off work other than an occasional hour or two in the morning so this meant I could keep up the fitness regime despite a busy schedule.

We had a great half term of parks, and reservoirs, visiting family, swimming and just having an awesome time with the kids!

We spent a fair bit of time in the car driving to see family across the country so I had more aches and pains than usual. Not the most optimum preparation for the body. Thankfully my fitness schedule didn’t suffer and I clocked the highest total distance on the bike. My goal is to stay in the 40/60 minute range of cycling and up the resistance vs distance but this felt like a positive milestone. 

Due to half term, I wasn’t able to write up my schedule so this is a combination of two weeks. This week has been another positive week clocking some good resistance band workouts and time on the bike. I started football again this week and although I love the social side it’s far easier to pick up aches and pains and it messes with my sleep schedule (we didn’t finish until 9:30 pm this week). Still, it’s a brilliant group of lads and hugely enjoyable.,

Here are the numbers:

Saturday10/2/2024Spin Bike60 mins21.3km
Sunday11/2/2024Resistence Bands35 mins12 sets
Monday12/2/2024Spin Bike40 mins14km
Monday12/2/2024Body weight25 mins9 sets
Tuesday13/2/2024Spin Bike60 mins21.7km
Wednesday14/2/2024Resistance Bands35 mins12 sets
Wednesday14/2/2024Spin Bike30 mins11km
Thursday15/2/2024Press Up Variations20 mins12 sets
Thursday15/2/2024Spin Bike40 mins14.2km
Friday16/2/2024Spin Bike60 mins20.8km
Saturday17/2/2024Resistance Bands25 mins8 sets
Saturday17/2/2024Spin Bike45 mins16.2km
Sunday18/2/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)35 mins12 sets
Monday19/2/2024Resistance Bands30 mins10 sets
Monday19/2/2024Spin Bike22 mins7.43km
Monday19/2/2024Spin Bike25mins8.78km
Tuesday20/2/2024Spin Bike55 mins18.65km
Wednesday21/2/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)30 mins12 sets
Wednesday21/2/2024Spin Bike50 mins18.2km
Thursday22/2/2024Football60 mins
FridaySpin Bike45mins16.2km

A couple of observations this week:

  • I took a tumble at football and landed fully on my shoulder so will be taking a few days off resistance training. I’ve purposely created a ‘low impact’ fitness regime to avoid injury and focus on consistency so Football is a break from this. Still, it’s a great social exercise.
  • We walk or cycle our daughter to school daily and I don’t count these here. 
  • Within half term, we did a ton of walking. Our favourite was Damflask Reservoir in the village of Low Bradfield (Peaks).
  • Next week is measurement week!

How is your fitness journey going? Would love to hear from others who are adding some consistency to their life!

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