A Dads Fitness Journey 2024 4/2/2024

I rolled into the 5th week of my focused fitness journey with a change to our usual schedule as a family. My wife a trained primary school teacher was taking part in her Bikeabilty training to become a qualified instructor. She’d signed up for this via Cycle North in September 2023 but this was the next available training opportunity.

It’s in North Leeds and in the morning the journey is over 75 minutes (not our usual localised living) and I’ve been in charge of making sure both kids get to school, nursery and clubs on time. With some brilliant help from friends, it’s worked well.

I imagine Beth will write more on her training here as there’s so much to cover but I did worry if the life changes would interfere with my own training. Fortunately, I’ve had a great week!

I run my business from home and my schedule has been tailored around school drop-offs and pick-ups. I’m also an early riser so I’ve managed to get most of my training done in the morning before everyone wakes up.

It’s my record week in terms of time on the bike and distance. I’ve clocked 81.7km which is over 50 miles. I train on a high resistance as my goal is building leg strength/calorie burn vs overall distance and time. I have no plans to be a professional cyclist! Just enough to keep me lean and enjoy cycling for leisure.

This has been done simultaneously with actual resistance training. When I first started I would be exhausted all day but I can feel a real change in my overall strength; especially my leg muscles which are recovering quickly.

Here are the numbers:

w/c4/2/2024DateExercise Type:DurationKM/Sets:
Sunday4/2/2024Resistance Bands35 mins11 sets
Sunday4/2/2024Spin Bike28mins10km
Monday5/2/2024Body weight25 mins9 sets
Monday5/2/2024Spin Bike35mins13km
Tuesday6/2/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)35 mins12 sets
Tuesday6/2/2024Spin Bike40 mins14.5km
Wednesday7/2/2024Body weight (x2 press-up variation)25 mins9 sets
Wednesday7/2/2024Spin Bike40 mins 30 seconds14.5km
Thursday8/2/2024Spin Bike41 mins 30 seconds15km
Friday9/2/2024Body weight (x2 press up variation)35 mins12 sets
Friday9/2/2024Spin Bike40mins14.7km

A couple of observations this week:

  • The strength and recovery of my legs has improved significantly. Just 5 weeks in and I am ready to go the next day on the bike.
  • Ted talks, podcasts and YouTube channels help with the monotony of it. It’s far less exciting than cycling outside but with poor weather and limited time windows, it’s far more efficient.
  • No football this week due to the weather. I am still conflicted with football and my overall health goals but because of the social side, I will continue to play!
  • We tend to go to France for the Summer so I need a replacement activity for my bike. I may have to get out on my actual bike every morning before the heat sets in.

I plan to add pictures of my progress and will update stomach inches on a monthly basis. For now I am enjoying the consistency and it’s actually a great time to catch up on inspiration videos/podcasts.

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    • Thanks for the comment Dan! That’s really kind and I am so pleased you are enjoying this.


      1: About 5am usually but it can differ. Sometimes 4:30am but can be as late as 6am. I tend to aim for around 5am. Go to bed early though 😀
      2: I listen to a huge variety. Mainly Financial Independence, property and fitness focused. Happy to share some of these if of interest?

      Thanks once again!


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